Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Time Better Than Now

Not Now...Why not now? What could be better than TODay? Time Of DAY-- 6:11 pm, Pacific Standard Time. Yes, I'm still here in California! And, I'm hoping to retire in the Philippines soon. One reason I'm learning to blog...a slow and painful process to someone of the pre-computer-generation era.

A wo[e]man with a purpose has to persevere, and that's how I accidentally landed here. I never paid attention to that 'orange B background' (which I thought before was an E or something). I don't even know how to do the RSS. Sure...I attempted many times, but I always ended up getting stuck and eventually giving up. Just like here, 2 steps earlier, I could have given up. Amazingly, I didn't!

Hhmmm!!! Some 'blog scraper' [so I've learned] might get to this blog again. Four days ago I accidentally discovered almost my entire blog about my little corner in the Philippines -- http://zylla3.wordpress.com -- at this particular site: http://www.flyhotel.net/ and I bet my 3cents [inflation] the rest of 'his' (to me surwar11 as he claimed to be the author of his/my content at http://travel.propeller.com/ is a 'he'; he could be an 'it' for all I know) site contents came from some unsuspecting souls...2 as far as I can trace, and I'm not wasting my time anymore. I could report him to google I believe, but he can have his site up until I learn how to do the plugins to block his kind. Maybe, just maybe, by blogging more his evil deeds...I can save someone like me. The 2 'post-scraped' entries I had were 'scraped' in a matter of an hour of my posting, just the same even with my blurbs about his genius on computer thievery. He had given me some lah-deh-dah stuff to blog.

For now I'm letting my blogs (this one too) take the directions they want me to take. Why then is my http://zylla3.wordpress.com/ -- nevermind -- now it seems to be working. Well, instead of saying...Oh, the wonders of English; let me rephrase it to: Oh, the wonders of computers!

*Originally posted @ http://zylla3.blogspot.com

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