Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Hoping This Is Real

I think this is real now. For one thing, there must be a difference when you login to eblogger.com, but for now I'm not going to worry about it. My mind just somehow defaulted to e-something, and I wondered for quite awhile why I was getting password error. However, even when I finally logged in...to blogger.com, I still had an empty space.

After the 2nd trial post, only then did I see the difference...there was no 'view' button and for some miraculous reason I made it back to the posting window. Lo and behold! I now see both of my entries and hopefully this 3rd one too. Not to forget, I clicked the http://www.flyhotel.net/ and sure enough he seemed to have gotten more. I'll see after posting at http://zylla3.wordpress.com/ tomorrow if I'll find it again in his site in a matter of an hour. This scum of the earth and his kind consume me and zap my energy needed to understand the technical stuff.

UPDATE: 5/29/08

I used to check www.flyhotel.net every now and then as I was curious what would happen to it when I blog (@ http://zylla3.wordpress.com, my scraped blog) its blog scraping technique. Someone suggested that I should report it to google, but for some reason, I don’t think it was doing me any harm except that I was irritated to see my family picture on that website, and maybe because almost the complete blog was in his website. The comments were even turned off and no reference to the owner whatsoever…even submitting the blog to propeller.com as his own writing.

I’ve seen it having no more AdSense after a couple of weeks and I kept wondering why it continually runs the site. Today I couldn’t find it except for the previous google index that has warnings below the title– “This site may harm your computer.” I even went to my post here to get the link from within, and it gave me the same search result. Well, I guess it’s really gone after almost 3 months since my discovery. Maybe I will miss this routine of checking his site. I should probably be writing a separate blog for its demise.

*Originally posted @ http://zylla3.blogspot.com/

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